Thursday, February 20, 2014

oh, the places you'll go.

Ever thine. 
Ever mine. 
Ever ours. 

sometimes you just have to let go. 
forget the dinner reservations- don't even call ahead, turn left instead of right- get lost,  eat the extra bite of cake-and all of the frosting. 
caleb && i took a little trip together. 
we didn't have dinner reservations one night && it started to snow. a lot. 
so we decided to be very european && feast on nice cheese, meat, and wine. 
well, the snow turned into a flurry and we decided to go to the closest grocery store we could find. (our only option.)

and, there it was. a glorified gas-station-selection-kind-of-food grocery store. you know the ones that have deli sandwiches and you're thinking to yourself, "i don't dare ask how long those have lived on that shelf?" so we went on a stroll for the meat. salami. in a plastic sealed container... onto the cheese. velveta anyone. and don't get me started on dessert. ice-cream flavored oreos?! needless to say, i laughed until i cried. ideal? no. yet, through it all, one of the most hysterical situations i have been in.

soooo... we went home with our favorite cereal && the silver lining, i brought wine from home. 

so if the music is good (or not good), you dance. 
life you are too short not to dance. 

welcome back, friends. 

^^^ i wasn't joking.

^^^ i think this was some kind of pie filling.

^^^contrary to popular belief- we do NOT normally take pictures in a grocery store. 
unless that is, it's whole foods. 

^^^ the next day got a little better :)

^^^ oh the decisions of life. 

^^ i did get my cheese, meat & fruit plate. 

^^^ all in all a great, memorable... trip. 

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