Sunday, January 5, 2014

date 9: celebration a little early

in the middle of the week, caleb found out he had to change plans for work & wouldn't be home for christmas. 

we did some switching && celebrated a couple weeks early.

the nyboer tradition is fondue on christmas eve so of course on our "mock christmas" we tried our beautiful wedding fondue set. chicken and steak, cheesy potatoes, pumpkin bread & a salad. 
it was a bit of a smaller table than caleb is used to, but i think he liked it :)

and in the morning, SANTA came with red velvet pancakes, of course. 
i love that christmas can be celebrated any day. when i was younger, i thought santa only came on december 25. i suppose i am really getting old and realizing the joy of christmas truly is the whole season (& year in my opinion). 

christmas has meant something totally different to me this year. i have found comfort in the candles lit, the songs sung and heard, and the true fellowship of friends && family. i don't want this feeling to go away. i sometimes wish christmas lasted the whole year. 

happy nyboer christmas!

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