Sunday, January 5, 2014

date 11: baking!

no bake cookies, fudge, peanut butter with kisses, sugar cookies, chocolate cake. 
christmas would not be the same without a summers' baking day. 
full of chaos, flour everywhere, no ingredients in the cupboards, borrowing essentials from neighbors, "hard candy" christmas playing in the background && stomach aches towards the end. 

i love this day && look forward to it every year. 
however, this year, our baking day ended with a much different surprise. 
my dad came home with a special treat. 
he walked into our house with not one, but two legs. 
now for most people, no big deal right. 
yet, BIG DEAL. i have never really seen my dad walk with two legs. his new leg has a movable hip and even allows him to cross his legs, easily walk && play golf. 

it is quite amazing. i am so thankful.
i don't think another baking day will be quite the same. 

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