Monday, September 30, 2013

familar in this unfamiliar world

traditions, in my little world, are the heartbeats in my year- it is the one time i can expectantly wait for a treasured occasion to be relived (and i already know it is going to be good- i have done it before!) 

in this sometimes uncomfortable & unknown world, it is nice to take the time to remember and
"re-live" a moment. the tradition may come as often as donuts on saturdays or new haven pete's on fridays. or twelve dates of Christmas. no matter how often (or not) they are replayed.. they are always worth it.

why can't these precious, treasured moments be revisited more than once? in my opinion they can && should be.
often times.

i can't seem to jump into the fall without going to that boat house in central park and eating brunch at the legendary sarabeths. it doesn't matter how many times i have done it now. it still takes me back. takes me back to a little girl dream turning into a reality.
((i hope when caleb and i are old && grey, we still go back to that park and replay those words and motions.))

so of course, on our nyc trip we did just that. we also added some new special places including the chocolate room in brooklyn- the slogan here being "there is always room for chocolate"- you know i loved every second of it. we also visited a new hidden gem, café lalo (thank you megan for the suggestion). it brought me back to tom hanks && meg ryan- in my opinion a perfect pair.

&& before we departed the lovely city, caleb and i headed to chelsea market- a new tradition as of our last visit & one that i think we will be keeping around. we dined at freidman's lunch and i had the most delicious grilled cheese- of my life. i am not kidding. seriously. just think about it, gruyere && mozerrela, carmalized onion &&... wait for it... bacon. grilled to perfection. satisfied beyond belief.

nyc, you are a tradition, a common place in this unfamiliar world. i will keep you.

^^^ caleb & i before the big "pop" question. fall, 2011

^^^ fall 2012

^^^ i think i like this row boat thing
^^ fall 2013, it can be relived more than once right?!

^^ grow old with me, the best is yet to come.

^^ loving sarabeths. so many options- lemon ricotta pancakes vs. pumpkin waffles. i love these kind of decisions. 

^^^ our view. central park.

^^ café lalo. adorable. words can't describe.

^^ sarabeth's pumpkin waffle. (as you can see, i went with the waffle) please take me again.


  1. This is a GREAT post!! Love it.That's awesome you're only 4 hours away from NYC. Lucky!!!! Any recommendations for things in Chicago? Did you do anything when you lived here that you'd recommend? I always seem to gravitate to the Art Institute and the same restaurant/s (ie Little Goat and Grand Lux Cafe). =)

    1. yes, four hours. one reason i love this place. have you done the architecture tour in chicago? i heard that is awesome. also i love love love a little bakery called southport grocery- they have THE best bread pudding pancakes- i have tried to make them here in d.c. I also always go to grand lux- i can't get enough of those lettuce wraps :)
      i sure do miss chicago && i have yet to try little goat. i need to though!

  2. So much fun! We just got back from a trip to NYC (my first ever!) and I absolutely fell in love with the city... I can definitely see why people love it and want to go back again and again. We got home yesterday and I am already missing it. I love that you do the same traditions every time you go! I sure hope we can go back sometime soon!

    1. ahh that is how i was when we got back from our nyc trip. i always look through all the pictures and miss everything! what did you guys do there?

    2. We did SO much! Central Park, Brooklyn, Greenwich Village, Flatiron District, Times Square... so so much! I'm recapping it all on my blog over the next few days ;)