Sunday, September 8, 2013

you're a beach.

This season more than ever, I don’t want summer to end.
Maybe this is how I feel every year. But it seems more tangible this time around.
To celebrate life & all those little things, Caleb and I decided to make one last (I mean it this time) hurrah for summer. We headed to the beach. Rehoboth beach- also by the way, a favorite of Kathie Lee and Hodas, nbd. We packed our bags which included summer essentials: Bathing suit, towels, beach chairs, && sunscreen (thankfully, I had not switched out for fall clothing quite yet.) We made our way over the Bay Bridge and were welcomed by signs “Relax. Your at the beach.”

And, relax, we did.  We found our favorite spots. Khors icecream. There are literally three within one block of each other. After I tried the peanut butter frozen custard- I understood why. Grotto’s pizza- yes, you are legendary to me (p.s. there is nothing better than cheesy goodness while watching the Atlantic waves). And, Kay’s Kitchen, you indeed do make the best sausage, egg && English muffin sandwich. RIP caleb’s sunglasses- first the Pacific, now you, Atlantic. Stop stealing our shades. Until next time Rehoboth. We promise it won’t take us so long to get here.

 Oh by the way, I guess I can succumb to fall now. Bring on the pumpkin spiced latte.

^^rehoboth boardwalk.

^^^ "the heavens declare your glory"-Psalms 19:1

^^^ and i am fairly certain, if you start every trip with sprinkled doughnuts, it's sure to be good.

^^ look at that smile. can't resist.

^^ kay's, you do make the best breakfast sandwich

^^ peanut butter frozen custard. two please. 

^^ so long for now.

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  1. looks like so fun! I wish I lived close to the ocean :)

    xx Alecia with