Monday, September 2, 2013

a little place called hope

there are certain memories that will always remain cherished. 
they seem to hold a right of passage to life.
hope college holds some of these moments for me.

a little place called hope. 
i remember going to visit this place for the first time. 
i truly didn't want to like it. 
i had decided i was going to attend a BIG school (i graduated from a very small Christian high school)- therefore, i thought it was time to spread my wings. 
God had a different plan for my life. 
(including meeting my husband the first day of college. coincidence, i don't think so)

telling myself "i'm not going to like this. hope? are you kidding- that is not a name for a college"
however, the second i stepped onto the quaint town of holland
i was undoubtedly in love. 

brick buildings, stained glass chapel, 
ben & jerry's (sadly later replaced by kilwins),
long standing traditions like the pull && nykerk,
 dance marathon, dew crew, young life, lake michigan. 

i so didn't want to like it, but i so loved it. 
and for the next four years, grew more and more in love with it. 

visiting hope seems like a time travel. 
i am brought back to those sweet times. 
running to class, studying at the library, meeting for coffee dates, shopping at JB&me, ordering BBQ pizza at the brewery, listening to friends sing at the kletz,
 farmers market on saturdays, doughnuts at good times. 

there so much sweet here.  
thank you hope college. until next time.

^^^ fennville, salt of the earth. my favorite restaurant. period.
deep fried brussell sprouts. smores dessert. dreaming.

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