Saturday, October 5, 2013

golden delicious

october in northern virginia is ... interesting.
don't get me wrong. i love the skyline drive when the leaves start to fall.
nothing says autumn more than the row houses near eastern market && old town.
&& don't get me started on all those wreaths. deep cranberries, burnt oranges. i am in love.

however, fall seems to take a little while to get here. in terms of temperature. ninety degrees this weekend.
for some reasons, this seems a little "hot" for me. i am ready to pull out my cozy sweaters and riding boots- yet am forced to keep them at bay (unless i want to burn up- which trust me, i have thought about a time or two)

for the second year in a row, caleb & i headed to butler's orchard. we were greeted with apple cider, an assortment of pumpkins, trees adorned with golden delicious & stayman apples, and again, 90 degrees weather. i must admit, i have never been apple picking with scorching heat before living here; however, virginia, i think you must like it.

caleb && i still had fun, no flannels :( yet we made the best of it. came home with not quite so many apples (last year we brought home 22 pounds- for the both of us.... needless to say we had apple everything for about a month.)  this year, we restrained ourselves and simply ate most our apples off the trees.

we came home with 5 pounds of apples && apple cider. later enjoyed pumpkin gnocchi and spiced warm apple cider. && pretended it was sixty degrees outside which was assisted with the switch of the thermostat (sorry, caleb!)

p.s. does anyone else feel a little sick after gnocchi? i love it so much, yet always have a little tummy ache afterwards. doesn't seem to stop me.

happy october (my favorite month of the whole year). yay! here are some pictures from last year.

^^^ these always remind me of my sister, hanna. she loved these & once caleb tried them, he loved them too :)

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