Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jesus wore Dior.

during the beginning of my trip home, i was startled with news that i was not expecting. well, i suppose i was fearful that the news would come && i tried to reassure myself that this fear was irrational (as most of my fears are irrational). 
however, this fear came true. 
the news did come. 
naturally,the question arises, when you get that news, what do you do? i am sure we have all had some sort of "news." it comes in different forms and carries different implications. but something has changed && at the moment, the future seems very unfamiliar, more unfamiliar than usual. 

so while i was still processing everything on the third day of my trip, my best friend, heather, came to pick me up from chicago and take me home. before we made the trek across the indiana toll road, we had previously made plans to conquer michigan ave. i admit now that i sort of felt like a bus or a tow truck had hit me, yet i didn't want anything to prevent enjoying precious time with my dearest friend whom i never get to see. 

after lunch at the grand lux, we decided to do something that was our favorite pastime, getting our makeup done at a department store. heather && i used to go to marshall fields almost every friday to have a makeover. we usually went to different makeup counters so that the women would not remember us. if we didn't have someone to drop us off at the mall, we resorted to playing pretend. i would do heather's makeup && she would do mine. as the "pretend" makeup artist, i would use an accent- normally something i contrived to be of european ascent. and my name was always, olga, always. i suppose it sounded foreign. (this tradition may have had something to do with the whole school uniform policy which limited our personality to shoes and makeup). 

nowadays, you usually pay big bucks to get your makeup done && need a reservation for a wedding, prom, ect. however, on our chicago reunion trip, we thought we ought to at least try to relive the past, something so comforting. as we walked into saks fifth avenue (risky, right? saks- free makeover? ya right! we probably walked past several different counters and were too nervous to ask for a free makeover)-- suddenly, we were greeted by a gentlemen who asked if we wanted to try their in a complete makeover. 
umm okay.
yes. please. 

we sat down in beautiful black chairs with light up mirrors (a little girl's dream). brushes, blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks surrounded us. i was starting to think i was truly in a dream. it was all too good to be true. 

we told the makeup artists what we would like to be done to our face. i, personally, was ready for a whole new look. and as the eye liner started be drawn on my eyelid, something totally unexpected occurred. 
"by the way, my name is olga"-she stated in a russian accent.


i was startled and amazed. that little detail of my childhood only heather had known, and suddenly, it was a reality eight years later. Lord, you know me. you know my inmost being && you love me. a miracle had happened. no, it didn't feed millions of people, yet it fed my starving soul. that day, Jesus wore Dior. 

"you do not have to live up to impossible expectations. are free to wait expectantly on Jesus, the One who is both the author and perfecter of your faith." - emily freeman 

so i guess i am waiting. expectantly. for God to show up, as he always does. 

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