Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the fastest little trip.

caleb && i scrambled to fit our week long vacation exploring the california coast into twenty four hours. 
the moment we got our rental car, we were off.
go go go- at times, this was our mantra.

laguna beach was our first stop (obviously, i had to go here, living a high school reality dream)
stephen, lo, lauren, kristin [cast of laguna beach] - you lived in quite a beautiful place for your high school years. lucky.

next, we drove the coast to vienna beach. a must see to believe. muscle beach, street venders, interesting shops, bikes. caleb && i couldn't even talk on our stroll through this beach (we were too much in awe at the shock factor of what at times we were seeing)

&& you can't be in southern cali without checking out hollywood. so alas, we drove through hollywood, beverly hills, rodeo drive. we even got a pic at the mary tyler moore star (that one's for you, gram.) interestingly enough, the home of the stars seemed to be a little built up, in my opinion.

our quest ended with a bike ride through santa monica and the quest to find the best taco
(confession: nothing compared to cabo san lucas fish tacos)

all in all, we had a fast paced, fun twenty four hours. i now have a feel for where our beloved celebrities stroll the streets. it's no wonder they picked california as their place to call home. #nohumidity

^^^ santa monica pier
 ^^^ i could get used to this view

 ^^^ laguna beach bird rock

^^ vienna beach

^^^ one of the many vendors at vienna

^^^ hollywood star- the simpsons for caleb

^^^ mary tyler moore for gram

^^^ my first experience with beverly hills- troop beverly hills

 ^^ near long beach. where we slept for a quick 6 hours.

^^^ takes me back to the oc, favorite high school show.

^^^ until next time, california.
 hopefully next time, it will be longer.

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