Saturday, July 13, 2013

around the table.

“What’s becoming clearer and clearer to me is that the most sacred moments, the ones in which I feel God’s presence most profoundly, when I feel the goodness of the world most arrestingly, take place at the table. The particular alchemy of celebration and food, of connecting people and serving what I’ve made with my own hands, comes together as more than the sun of their parts ... if you can satiate a person’s hunger, you can get a glimpse of their heart. There’s an intimacy in it, in the meeting of needs and the filling of one’s stomach, that is, necessarily, tied to the heart.” -Shauna Neiquist

above, is our table at our julian house. isn't it lovely?! ^^^
there is something profound about a beautiful table && meal. 

i am currently in search of a large farm table. i figure, if you have the chairs, people will come. 
until then, caleb && i will continue to gather around our coffee table with those we love.  

>>here, are some more pictures of our humble abode in cali.
^^ the barn house in julian, california

^^ the garden.

^^^ secret doorway

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