Wednesday, July 31, 2013

watermelon park

caleb and i decided to get out of town for a couple days. he had full rights to plan... everything. 
and, you can guess what we did. spent a little extra time in nature
watermelon park. [here we come]

now i was a little spectacle at first. 
1.  i own a pillow that states "i love not camping" (thank you allison!)
2. i like to plan. (teacher problems)
3. cooking is already difficult for me with an oven- hmmm open fire?!

well much to my dismay, we had a wonderful time. 
caleb did an excellent job planning.
 included a visit to harper's ferry 
&& tubing on the shenandoah river

also, with a small outdoor air mattress, camping is not so bad. no 5 star hotel, yet there is something completely tranquil listening to the outdoor noises. 

finally, cooking over an open fire- way more fun than an oven. (hot dogs have never tasted so good!)

i think i can handle this camping thing. 


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