Friday, September 28, 2012

apples, apples, and more apples.

 why is it on a saturday when you don't have to wake up early - you do. I never can understand that. 

anyways, on saturday morning, i woke up at 6:45 a.m. but instead of having to go to work- i got to enjoy the beautiful fall day. and it was beaaauuutiful. 

i decided to go for a run on this lovely morning. there is something about running in the fall. the crisp air, leaves starting to change, and a slight breeze. after my run, i stopped and treated myself to a pumpkin coffee from dunkin doughnuts. i couldn't just end there. i had to make pumpkin pancakes. which i must say- were better than i could ever imagine. it was a martha stewart recipe- and to be honest my martha stewart baking has not turned out very good lately. after a little self pep-talk and some perseverance, i decided to try another martha recipe. i am sure glad i did. caleb liked it too. 

after the morning (my favorite time of the day by the way), caleb and i went apple picking and raspberry picking. the orchard was of course in my favorite state, maryland, and it met every expectation. 

we left the orchard with 22 pounds of apples, 
a pound of raspberries,
 and a gallon of cider. 

i bet you can guess what we did for the rest of the weekend- we baked.
three pies later and several pounds of apples to spare. 

happy fall. 

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