Sunday, August 18, 2013

a place called wheaton.

as much as i love home, i love seeing my dear friends that i get too so far too little. the best part of flying into chicago is i get to visit a little town that is so close to my heart, wheaton. a place where i first started my life as an adult- my first real job, my first real paycheck && the first time i felt like a real person. (i am sure i was a real person the 22 years previous- except this time i was on my own). God provided a wonderful place for me to transition from college to adult life with a beautiful home && beautiful people. i have such sweet memories on liberty drive && coming back a year later brought back the sights, tastes && sounds of my favorites. 

p.s. check out that beautiful picnic spread. what a joy to walk off the plane into a birthday celebration with beautiful people i have missed so much.

i may have moved to a new zip code, yet there is a piece of my heart that will always be in 60187. 
^^^ a sweet reunion with my dear roommate, britt.

^^^ the trio

^^ the birthday girl and her pie [my kind of cake]

^^^ yay, back on the prairie path.

^^^ fro yo plus jillio= beautiful reunion.

^^^ a breakfast placed called honey. what is more to love.

^^ chai latte, the Word. love.

^^^ my favorite movie theater- a place where you can sip on your favorite coffee and watch a movie. 
yes, please. 

^^ a walk down memory lane. until next time.

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