Thursday, August 15, 2013

home. part 2.

it's funny how life throws curve balls at you [even when you don't necessarily want to play in the game] 
you would rather sit this one out. watch from the stands. finish your ice cream cone. 

well, ready or not, here i [as in life] come. 

this summer has been an interesting summer. not bad. just interesting. completely not as i planned, but as i am getting older, what really does go according to plan? 

recently, i went to my parent's house in indiana for a couple of days-well (a lot) of days.  i am probably one of the happiest girls when i am in my home
there is something special about that yellow paneled, blue shuttered house.  everything about it is familiar (which is something i don't take for granted after a year of complete unfamiliarity). 
the tree adorned drive into the neighborhood. the flowerbeds inside flea market wagons and window boxes. the extra large cookie cake waiting on the kitchen table upon my arrival. the garage refrigerator stocked with every imaginable type of soda you could ever dream of [diet coke, root beer, sprite, orange, dr. pepper..ect.] && more recently, my dad's collection of beers from around the globe- perk of a beer club membership. the tiki bar's lights glimmering. the grill burning and chicken roasting. &&& at the end of the night, chocolate chip cookie dough waiting to be scooped. 

i know dinner will be served late and my dad will have at least two beers before we begin to dine. the music will be blaring and my sister will be mortified the neighbors can hear the tunes in the middle of the night when dad forgets to turn it off. we will sink into the living room and watch our favorite show && everyone will start to fall asleep. in these moments the world is right as it should be. i am right as i should be, home. 

 ^^^ farmer's market finds. as you can see, successful. 

 ^^ look at that beauty. 

^^ round barn winery. goooooo. 

^^ carriage house in south bend, in. seriously, eating dinner in a bed of hydrangeas. 

 ^^ flea market finds. 

^^ she taught me all i know. 

^^^ and that includes how to shop. of course. 

^^^ he came for a little visit, too :)

^^^ these two. shopping. hysterical. practicing how to use a 4-wheeled suitcase. 

^^^ blueberry pie. or our favorite soup. 

^^^ the grilling master.

^^ no better place. 

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