Monday, October 8, 2012

pancakes and french press.

Happy Columbus Day!
I tried to persuade caleb to stay home. His work won. 
So the today show will have to be enough. 

I usually am very sad on Mondays as I have to say goodbye to the weekend. But, today, a perk to being a teacher- the day off.  I will simply reminisce about the weekend and about those darn good pancakes!

Pumpkin pancakes. Saturday mornings deserve pumpkin pancakes. Especially, fall saturday mornings. 
I embarked on this journey while caleb was sleeping on the chilly morning.
 Boy, was he in for a surprise. 
I used the recipe from one of my favorite blogs ( 
Enjoy! Remember the cinnamon and ... nutmeg :)
Oh and p.s. if you have a french press. Pull it out on saturdays. Coffee just tastes that much better in a french press. 

Off to watch my favorite news anchors. Hope you have a good monday. 

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