Tuesday, October 23, 2012

oh liberty drive.

it doesn't seem that long ago that i was starting my very first teaching job in my very first "city" all on my own. it was my first glimpse of being a real person- an adult. kind of a surreal feeling. what made it so special though was sharing it with God's gift of two amazing roommates. i still remember the first time i walked into the house on liberty drive and i thought to myself- whoa, i don't know if i am trendy or "cool enough" to live here (it truly looked like an anthropology show room). little did i know that i would not only love the appearance of the most adorable home, but more so, i would love these girls. 

 i miss our conversations about life, boys, jobs, and our dreams. each morning we would jam (and i mean jam) to all sons and daughters. eating brown sugar poptarts and drinking way too much coffee. the best was when our real coffee pot would break and we "had" to resort to french press. bummer. 

we would take turns sharing a dinner. i remember the first dinner i ever made. a martha stewart sweet potato soup. it was supposed to have a "kick" but not like a "kick you in the bootie and burn your taste buds off." which as you can guess- did exactly the latter. i still remember katie and britt trying not to hurt my feelings. they ended up licking the soup with the tip of their tongues instead of taking a spoonful of the way to spicy soup. i remember katie running to get her chap-stick because her lips were burning (hint: NEVER put an entire jar of adobe chilies into a recipe - even if it calls for a little jar!) 

it is funny how fast life goes. i do love married life, but i DO miss these girls- 
the trips to starbucks on the corner of main street, the runs on the prarie path, the pa-rouses around the french market, the freedom cake baking, the searches for an atm at a flea market, the sample eating at whole foods, the ringing the bell at davids bridal and the love of life that surrounded our home. you are missed liberty drive. 

come back soon katie and britt, you too. i miss you girls. 

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