Monday, September 24, 2012


i entitled this post- lipgloss. to many, it is just a tube found at numerous drug stores. sometimes sticky and comes off quickly. there are clearly better options- lip stains, lip pencils, lipstick. however, lipgloss is the object that started my friendship with my best friend.

we went to a teeny tiny high school (and i am talking small). we sat next to each other in choir class and boom- heather, pulls out a tube of lipgloss and confesses her make up obsession. i knew instantly we would be best friends. nearly 10 years later, we are still best friends. we have been through nearly every season together- including both of our weddings in the past year. i am so thankful that God can create a friendship out of a commonality of... lipgloss.

heather and mike (her husband) came to visit caleb and i this past weekend. they were celebrating their one year and what a wonderful place to celebrate than d.c. it is hard to believe they have been married for an entire year. congrats, you too!

we truly had a lovely weekend. full of fall frenzies- including home-aid pumpkin icecream (thank you Old Town)

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