Sunday, December 15, 2013

date 4. rockettes.

so funny story #1: i asked caleb after the show, what was your favorite part? he had a hard time answering. i gave him time to think && listed all of mine off. come to find out, caleb had a couple of snoozes during the show. (this may not have been his dream. for our next show, don't worry, we brought snacks for him.)

funny story #2: we bought an ornament to remember our show. four rockette dancers kicking their legs. ironically, our christmas tree fell over [twice] && guess what broke. the dancers' legs. 
funny, right/sort of sad. 

funny story #3: i made caleb take a picture with a rockette. you should have seen his expression when we got in line with all the little kids. i am not sure he will ever go back to radio city with me. i may need a new partner. it may be a girl thing. (whoops!)

aside from the funnies...
a dream. to see those high kicks in real life.
walking into the rockettes, i wanted to ask caleb to "pinch me," i must be dreaming.
radio city, you are unreal.
thanks for your holiday spirit.

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