Thursday, December 12, 2013

date 2. macy's day parade.

a dream come true. 
macy's day parade.
growing up, i can remember my sisters being obsessed with the parade. 
leela would wake up at 9 am to watch the parade and wonder why i wasn't up yet. 
my dad would yell, "the rockettes are on!! hurry, girls!!"
as we would rush into the living room, we watched in awe of the perfection of the iconic kicks. 

this year, a 4 a.m. wake up call, caused caleb && i to land amazing seats on the streets near central park. we wound up in a "freeze" zone outside the trump tower. "freeze" zone= no leaving! which means no leaving for coffee, donuts, bathroom. so for the next 5+ hours in 30 degree weather, caleb and i tried to stay warm. once the parade started, it wasn't hard. adrenaline rushed as we watched balloons, celebrities, and of course, santa walk by. 

i am so thankful caleb braved the cold with me. it was a bucket list completion! (and totally worth it.) 
p.s. those balloons are truly massive. 
my favorite, santa of course && maybe jimmy falon. 

^^^ jimmy falon (!!!)

^^^ for those duck dynasty fans.

^^^ SANTA!!!!!!

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