Sunday, October 5, 2014

more like, dinner for two


oh, sur la table, you are so kind to offer cooking classes for me. something i so desperately need. often times, i wish that i could have a live in chef to help me sort through a recipe to decifer "what does this step really means?" and so often i ponder "do i really need that ingredient?"... "seriously 18 dollars for this vanilla bean, can i use extract?"

alas, fun day, sunday, caleb && i got to ask some these questions (&& boy, did we). we signed up to cook fall dinners- a season i love so dearly!

we walked in eager to learn and left with so many new recipes: salmon, chicken && pork chops with new sauces, preparation strategies && a new, red dutch oven (!!!) 

we are so excited to try the recipes at home and our new gadgets. i feel inspired now to try new recipes, and actually follow them, i suppose. 

happy cooking.

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