Monday, March 3, 2014

kansas city, love.

kansis city, love. 
so many people i love live in kansis city && i rarely get to see them.
but during this valentine's day weekend, i got to see all of them :)
as i stepped off the plane, we found out my grandmother was admitted to the hospital. 
i got to hold her hand and hug her, something that was so special to me and
 something i so little get to do. 
my grandparents know what is important if you need to stay in the hospital, a night of cake and coffee (of course, provided by my grandfather)- i guess that's where i get my priorities.
my sister, leela and her husband russell, showed me a wonderful time in weston, ks. 
what i like to call the trifecta of a town. 
a brewery, winery && distillery (and the most adorable candle shop with flavors like pb&j, cigar shop, man musk, brown sugar, chai latte- i have had hours of enjoyment since my purchases)
needless to say, we had a great time. 
my weekend ended while dancing with my dear aunt at a jazz restaurant and dining on new orleans cuisine (in kc, right?!) not your typical fare, however, my family is anything but typical. 
but i love them with all my heart. 
thank you L and R for your kind hospitality. 

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